Rigid lifeline rail system on a firemen truck

SecuRail Classic lifeline rail system

Working at height legislation EN795:2012 Type D | CEN/TS16415:2013


The SecuRail is a rigid fall arrest rail that can be installed on ground, wall and ceiling configuration. Its rectangular shape integrates well in the aesthetics of buildings. The cross-shaped junction absorbs the dilatation resulting from temperature variation. A variety of 6 fall arrest trolleys make this rail highly versatile. The openable trolley VIA 6 enables the end user to connect and disconnect the trolley at any point of the fall arrest rail. The Multivia trolley or the VIA 4 trolley are recommended for rail solutions on sloped roofs.


  • Up to 2 users
  • Span of 3m to 5m with reinforcement
  • Anodized Aluminium
  • 1,4 kg/m
  • Low deflection
  • Absorbs dilatation and contraction of roof sheets
  • Possibility of custom-made solutions with the Fallprotec’s engineering department


  • Fall arrest 
  • Fall restraint
  • Work positionning
  • Maintenance of industrial roofs
  • Maintenance of gantry cranes and overhead crane systems (Industrial height safety)
  • Maintenance of residential roofs
  • Maintenance of architectural highlights and monuments roofs
  • Maintenance of airport roofs
  • Maintenance of commercial office and mall roofs

Horizontal SecuRail Classic lifeline rail system on ground

Tilting end stop RHF007
Curved rail on ground or ceiling RHF004
Securail profile RHF052 | RHF053
Fixing assembly on ground and ceiling RHF017
Tilting end stop "U" shape RHF021
Four way switch RHF010
Opening trolley VIA 6, removable anywhere in the lifeline
Trolley VIA 2 for ceiling configuration RHF012
Trolley VIA 1 for ground configuration RHF011
Tilting end stop kit RHF018
Horizontal SecuRail Classic lifeline rail system on ground

Trolley VIA 1 & VIA 5

The rollers are in stainless steel with bushings to improve their movement along the rail.

The trolley VIA 1 is dedicated to be used for horizontal Securail on ground. This trolley allows easy gliding along the rail. The Trolley VIA 5 works for wall configuration. This trolley glides smoothly along the rail.

Different VIA trolleys are available depending on configuration.


Drawing of trolley VIA 1 for rigid lifeline rail system
Trolley VIA 5 for rigid lifeline rail system

Anchoring device for standing seam roof

The SAFE U product range is specifically designed for common roofs such as tile, slate, cold deck and standing seam roofs. 

This system is designed to ease installation, while guaranteeing waterproofness.


rigid lifeline support for tiles and slates roof
rigid lifeline support for standing seam roof