Lifting hoist for people RopeClimber

RopeClimber Lifting Equipment

Working at height legislation EN 1808:2015 | EN60204-1 Directive 2006 / 42 / EC


The RopeClimber is an autonomous hoist for the lifting of one or two persons. The machine moves up by a lifting rope and it is secured by a safety rope with ASAP fall arrester. The RopeClimber is a battery powered modular design, availble in different configurations: a Stand chair, a Bosun Chair, as a BackPack or on a cradle. Combinable with roof anchor points, SafeAccess suspension rail, davit and tripods with rope winch forming a confined space rescue equipment. The machine can also be suspended from temporary roof anchor points. Safety features: fall arrest device on the secondary rope, overload and top limit switch


  • Lifting speed up to 8m/min with a working load of 240kg
  • Lifting speed up to 12m/min with a working load of 160kg
  • Autonomy up to 8 hours depending on use. Battery powered
  • Usable by anyone with half-day training
  • Control box with emergency stop
  • Intuitive use, training as professional climber is not required
  • LED that informs about the state of charge of the battery as well as safety features
  • Equipped with wheels for easy transport
  • Versatile equipment. Lightweight and compact
  • Cost-efficient solution. Optimized time of installation
  • Ergonomic and comfortable for people working at height
  • All accessories are according to EN1808:2015


  • Suspended access
  • Maintenance of airport facades
  • Maintenance of Hospital facades
  • Maintenance of commercial office and mall facades
  • Maintenance of skyscraper
  • Works in confined spaces
  • Maintenance of electrical towers
  • Maintenance of wind turbine blades

RopeClimber Standing chair

The RopeClimber Standing chair is a hybrid system allowing the user to work seated as well as standing, so the worker has a wide range of motion and of reach, including over his head. The position of the RopeClimber hoist, below the centre of gravity of the person,  increases the stability. A set of wheels makes it easy to transport. Combined with monorails for horizontal displacement. 


Standing chair RopeClimber lifting hoist

Suspended platform

It is one of the lightest cradles available on the market (deadweight 188kg). Battery driven, this system also works on textile wires, which are easier to handle than cables. The RopeClimber cradle is available for one or two persons (rated load of 120 kg or 240 kg).

ROP018 | ROP025

Cradle for facade maintenance suspended by ropes


The hoist can be mounted on any Fallprotec suspension point designed according to EN1808.

The suspension rope will then go up and down. Combined with radio control, it’s a great tool for facade or industrial maintenance.

ROP006 | ROP023

Textile rope hoist for people and equipment


The RopeClimber BackPack is intended to lift a person using the provided chair to allow safe access at height on a building or structure in order to clean or perform work on a façade, enables the user to work seated.


RopeClimber backpack - rope ascender

Bosun chair

The RopeClimber bosun chair configuration has the machine above the end user. Specially suitable for confined spaces and double skin facades.


people lifting hoist for narrow spaces