Fall arrest vertical equipment quickset

SecuRope QuickSet cable vertical lifeline system

Working at height legislation EN353-1:2014


The SecuRope QuickSet is designed for wind turbines, pylones, masts or existing ladders fixed on buildings. This flexible lifeline is made of stainless steel components. The glider is openable and can be inserted or removed at any point of the cable. The glider follows the end user smoothly while moving up and down. It locks instantly in case of a fall. If requested, SecuRope Vertical systems can be tailor-made as roof access solutions by Fallprotec's engineering department. Watch full tutorial video


  • Opening glider with safety lock
  • Easy mounting
  • Freehand system, overpassing anchors
  • Stainless steel elements
  • Swageless system
  • Cost-efficient solution
  • Undeformable
  • Two options: Absorber integrated in the glider or on top of the lifeline
  • Cable vibration absorption system
  • In alternative or to secure cat fixed ladders

Watch full tutorial video


  • Fall arrest 
  • Maintenance of electrical towers
  • Maintenance of wind masts
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Maintenance of industrial roofs
  • Maintenance of residential roofs
  • Maintenance of airport roofs
  • Maintenance of commercial office and mall roofs

SecuRope Vertical QuickSet lifeline installed on a access ladder

Quickset top anchor on ladder with energy absorber LDV231
Quickset intermediate anchor on ladder LDV240
Quickset glider without energy absorber LDV250. The absorber is on the top anchor
Quickset bottom anchor on ladder fitted with tensioner LDV265
SecuRope Vertical QuickSet lifeline installed on a access ladder

Quickset glider with energy absorber

Passing smoothly through the anchors, the fall arrest glider locks in case of a fall. The new opening glider can be removed at any point of the lifeline.

Two types of fall arrest systems are possible with this lifeline.
Type 1: Energy absorber fixed on the top anchor. It is permanently fixed on the lifeline.
Type 2: Energy absorber fixed on the opening glider. The opening glider locks instantly in case of a fall, triggering the energy absorption device.


Fall arrester with textile shock absorber