Securing Hofburg Vienna Rail Cable Anchor points

Historical palace secured thanks to Fallprotec

The maintenance of the Hofburg Wien is now done safely


The Hofburg, in Vienna, is the former residence of the Habsburg dynasty, and since 1946 the residence of the president of the Austrian federation.

In order to enable safe working on the Hofburg roofs, we equipped the entire roof with anchoring devices.

The roof consists of copper standing seam. For this reason, the cable safety devices were mounted with special copper clamps, so that no galvanic corrosion occurs. Added to this were the many different spans (60-90cm) between the standing seams, which required custom-made brackets to adapt to all spans.

The centre of the building was made of sandstone. We decided to install the Securail Pro rail security system. Tensile tests were first carried out in accordance with EN795 to ensure that the structure could withstand the forces acting on it. After successful tests, we had brackets manufactured to allow the rail to be aligned correctly.

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  • 800m of Securope cable lifelines
  • 100 individual anchor points
  • 180m of Securail Pro rails


Vienna, Austria
Historical palace secured thanks to Fallprotec
Historical palace secured thanks to Fallprotec - Vienna, Austria