Hotel Garagum Myhmanhanasy

A complete safe access solution for the entirely hotel & business complex


The Garagum Project is the first multi-use hotel and business center of the region. Project designers drew inspiration from the Karakum Desert, one of the largest deserts on earth, in which there’s Karakum Canal, world’s largest water supply canal. Garagum covers a construction area of 68,900 sqm, with 28,573 sqm indoor, and will rise eight floors including the technical floor. Portrayed as one of the “most special” projects in the area thanks to its architecture, luxury and location, Garagum also features a shopping mall, a 150-seat restaurant, meeting rooms, SPA and gym. 

The roof build-up will get multiple layers and a functional freeform standing seam surface, which additionally get an optical smooth rainscreen cladding. The 3D form will get the final smooth floating design by using an adjustable and parametrically engineered sub-construction structure, which brings the segmented shape of the primary construction to a smooth curved appearance. The freeform standing seam system has been tailor-made. 

To ensure the safe maintenance of the central dome and roof, Fallprotec designed and supplied fall arrest rails and anchor points. Thanks to this customized solution, workers can now evolve safely even on strong sloped surfaces. 

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  • 24 anchor points secura LDV140 over bespoke posts
  • 21 anchor points secura PTA016 over bespoke posts
  • 2 Bosun chair Ropeclimber ROP016 and accessories
  • 900m securail pro horizontal and inclined


Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Hotel Garagum Myhmanhanasy
Hotel Garagum Myhmanhanasy - Ashgabat, Turkmenistan