SecuRail Rigid lifeline safeladder Rive Gauche mall Charleroi

Installation at Rive Gauche Mall

Full system associating SafeLadder, SecuRail Pro overhead fall arrest rail fixed on walkway and SecuRope over posts for building maintenance.


The Rive Gauche Mall is located in the heart of Charleroi and is part of a larger plan to develop the attractiveness of the city centre. Large glass facades bring a lot of natural light inside the building. They are equipped with walkways on each floor. Fallprotec supplied a complete system to reach safely any point on the building. Fixed SafeLadders are integrated in the sunshades to enable access to the walkway levels. SecuRail Pro tracks are fixed on the underside of the walkway. 

The aluminium rail integrates perfectly with the aesthetics of the building and the trolley follows the user effortlessly. On the surfaces, a network of SecuRope on posts allows the user to work on the roofs while remaining in safety at all times.

Installed products

  • 200m SecuRail Pro overhead installed on 2 floors
  • 20m of SecuRope on posts
  • 40m of SafeLadders
  • Custom-made bendings of the rail
  • Design and calculation of the brackets


Charleroi, Belgium
Installation at Rive Gauche Mall
Installation at Rive Gauche Mall - Charleroi, Belgium